NAB Teachers

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  1. Liz Phillips from Atlantic High
  2. Laurie Ring from Spruce Creek High
  3. Tom Allen from Carlisle
  4. Lorrie Anderson from Adel-DeSoto-Minburn High School
  5. Marhta Ashley from Orange City
  6. Susan Baer from Chariton High School
  7. Clint Balsar from Monroe Elementary
  8. Lisa Bartunek-Renze from Iowa State
  9. Laura Beery from Waverly-Shell Rock
  10. Laura Beery from Iowa State University
  11. LaRayne Beetler from Iowa State University
  12. Mary Begg from Ballard Elementary
  13. Anne Bell from Iowa State Univeristy
  14. Kyle Benna from Ankeny Community Schools
  15. Linda Bennett from
  16. Lisa Blum from West Sioux
  17. Marcia Bobbitt from Mainland High
  18. Andrea Boswell from Iowa State University
  19. Betty Bowen from
  20. Elizabeth Boyer from Deltona High
  21. Holle Branch from Enterprise
  22. Teri Breck from Dowling High School
  23. Molly Jo Brenna-Severson from Iowa State University
  24. Thomas Bull from W.A. Hurst Elementary
  25. Odette Burford from Silver Sands Middle School
  26. Martha Bush from Osteen elementary
  27. Barbara Caldwell from Iowa State University
  28. Shelly Carlson from Waukee Elementary School
  29. Patricia Carter from Georgia Southern University
  30. Lory Chaplin from Davis County High School
  31. Patricia Chong from St. Francis of Assisi
  32. John Clouse from Ruthven-Ayrshire Community Schools
  33. Cheryl Corrigan from Durant Community School
  34. Tina Curry from New Smyrana Beach high school
  35. Ellen Dahle from
  36. Linda Dainty from Dallas Center Grimes Elementary
  37. Dennis Dake from Iowa State University
  38. Dr. Sonja Darlington from Beloit College
  39. John Deason from Muscatine High School
  40. Mary DelBianco from Holy Redeemer
  41. Ruth Denhartog from Newton Community Schools
  42. Ron Dinsdale from Valley High School
  43. Robert Donkersloot from WACO Commumity Schools
  44. Toni Dunnwald from Beckman Jr./Sr. High School
  45. Stephanie Ellis from Iowa State University
  46. Ken Esveld from Douglas
  47. Suann Evans from Guthrie Center Comm. School
  48. Tom Evans from Silver Sands Middle School
  49. Amy Farnum from
  50. Amy Fernandez from Read Pattillo
  51. Jenny Fickbohm from Iowa State University
  52. Katherine Fischer from Iowa State University
  53. Monique Fischer from Horizon Elementary
  54. Teresa Flanagan from Boston Ave. School
  55. Diane Foster from Jefferson/Scranton Schools
  56. Amy Fox from Iowa State University
  57. Joel Franken from Denison High School
  58. Brian Frederiksen from ISU
  59. Lora Funk from Iowa State University
  60. Claire Gallagher from Monmouth University
  61. Joan Gelder from Northeast Hamilton
  62. Dale Gentry from Rockwell City / Lytton Community Schools
  63. Cheryl Gentry from Deltona Lakes Schools
  64. Mary Ghim from Iowa State University
  65. Margaret Gillen from Woodward Elementary
  66. Diana Givens from
  67. Patricia Grubb from Terrace Elementary
  68. Michel Gude from Ames High School
  69. NAB GUEST from
  70. Rob Hall from Memorial Parkway Junior High
  71. Joani Halverson from Caroll High School
  72. Thor Hansen from Eden Lake Elementary
  73. Tina Hanson from Iowa State University
  74. Teri Heiliger from Sidney Community School
  75. Theresa Helwick from
  76. Kathy Henderson from West Burlington Independent School District
  77. Jan Herr from Deland Middle School
  78. Danell Hinz-Duncan from Dallas Center - Grimes
  79. Dana Hoffman from Spurce Cr. Elementary
  80. Susan Hoover from Discovery Elementary
  81. Carole Hopper from Deltona Lakes Elem.
  82. Samantha Hughes from New Smyrna Beach High
  83. Tim Janicki from Fair Oaks Middle School
  84. Linda Janson from North Polk Jr- Sr High School
  85. Ann Marie Jaschen from Iowa State University
  86. Emily Johnson from Iowa State
  87. Cecila Johnstone from Central Kindergarten Center
  88. Jean Jordan from Albert Lea Area Schools
  89. John Kinsey from Indian River Elem.
  90. Kim Kinslet from Ormond Beach Elem.
  91. Janice Knestrick from South Daytona Elem.
  92. Brent Knoot from Oskaloosa Junior High School
  93. Coby Koester from Eason Elementary
  94. Tempest Kuykendall from Roland-Story Elementary
  95. Lois Lamansky from Northeast Elementary
  96. Jennifer Leamen from Iowa State University
  97. Mijong Lee Yoo from Iowa State University
  98. Laura Lengeling from Newton High School
  99. Wendy Livy from United Community
  100. Brenda Loring-Smith from Edgewater Public
  101. Michael Ludwig from Iowa State University
  102. Melissa Luedeke from Discovery Elem.
  103. Glennda Magner from University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  104. Alice "Kay" Mathewson from Port Orange Elem.
  105. Crystal Mayer from Winterset Middle and Junior High School
  106. Pamela McArthur from Phenix and Clegg Park Elementaries
  107. Boni Meddock from Forest LAke Elem.
  108. Matthew Meyer from
  109. Patricia Miles from Deland High
  110. Michael Miller from Iowa State University
  111. Ivan Miller from Eldora-New Providence
  112. Heather Miller from Iowa State University
  113. Rick Miller from Newton Community Schools
  114. Pamela Muench from Anson Middle School
  115. Patricia Murillo from Iowa State University
  116. Cynthia Newman from ISU
  117. Chris Noel from Newton High School
  118. Susan Norris from Meeker/Fellows
  119. Liz Nygaard from ISU
  120. jonathan ogle from Pinellas Central Elementary, Pinellas County, Florida
  121. Margaret Parks from Marshalltown Community Schools
  122. Lori Pedersen from Hoover Elementary
  123. Ann Pieters from USD #500 Kansas City School District
  124. Melody Potash from Freedom Elem.
  125. David Pratt from Perry Community High School
  126. Susan Preston from Atlantic High
  127. Sandra Quintero from Ames High School
  128. Chris Rake from Duncombe Elementary and Phillips Middle School
  129. Karen Ranfeld Buhr from Lewis Central Schools
  130. Sally Rasmussen from Fort Dodge Community School
  131. Kevin Richards from Jefferson/Scranton Middle School
  132. Patricia Richmond from Palm Terrace
  133. Johanna Riddle from Volusia County School Disrict
  134. Aaron Riley from Hubbard-Radcliffe School
  135. Brian Roberts from Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School
  136. Tasha Roggow from Grainwood Elementary School
  137. Tami Rondeau from Southeast Polk Comm.School
  138. Randall Ross from New Smyrna Beach Middle School
  139. Allison Rudig from Iowa State University
  140. Mathew Safly from Westwood Elementary School
  141. Kimberly sander from Holly Hill Elem.
  142. Nancy Sartori from Colo Nesco Community Schools
  143. Cheri Schloerke from Gilbert High School
  144. Leslie Schmitz from Pine Ridge High
  145. Mary Sessler from Colorado and Madison Elementary
  146. Susan Rich Sheridan from
  147. Steve Sheriff from Iowa State University
  148. Mary Smith from Southwestern Middle School
  149. Gary Stattler from BCLUW
  150. Laura Steele Eckert from Prairie High School
  151. Melissa Stenstrom from Iowa State University
  152. Mary Ann Sterling from Pella Community
  153. Denelle Stokes from Quindaro Elementary
  154. Christopher Swanson from Wright/Pleasant Hill Elementary
  155. Susan Sweeney-Steer from St.Paul the Apostle
  156. Jeff Tadsen from Williamsburg Community Schools
  157. Faye Tambrino from Anson Middle School
  158. Patricia Taylor from Iowa State University
  159. Lisa Teske from St. Cecilia Elementary
  160. Dana Thompson from New Smyrna Beach Middle
  161. Lori Topp from Hubbard-Radcliffe High School
  162. Melinda Turnbull from
  163. Lisa Ulch-Havlicek from Indian Creek Elementary
  164. Andrea Van Wyk from Pella
  165. Annette Vance from Southeast Elementary
  166. Sandy Vas from Retired
  167. Ellen Vogt from Grinnell Middle School
  168. Karen Waline from Nevada
  169. Cheryl Weaver from Jefferson Accelerated School
  170. Carol Webb from Miller Middle School
  171. John Weinkein from Iowa State University
  172. Nancy Welch from Merrill School
  173. Amy West from Iowa State University
  174. Angela Williams from Iowa State University
  175. Regina Wise from New Smyrna Beach Middle
  176. Christy Zoulek from Howard-Winnesheik